Will Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Go Away

What Is The Best Treatment For Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

What is a thrombosed hemorrhoid?

A thrombosed haemorrhoid is actually an external haemorrhoid that is accompanied by a blood clot. It can be very painful but may be heal by itself in just a week. However, chances of recurring remain if you leave it as it is, for healing. In spite of this, majority of people would still prefer having to overcome their hemorrhoid immediately rather than wait an entire week to let it be cured naturally.

Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoidsCommonly a thrombosed hemorrhoid will swell in the anal area but is accompanied by a terrible itching. If any blood oozes then you might also have an internal hemorrhoid along with it. However, you have to know how you can treat your thrombosed hemorrhoid and take the proper steps.

The treatment process

There are many methods of treatment that one can practice with regards to the condition you are suffering from. There are treatments that you can do yourself and there are treatments where you will need a doctor to perform and operate on you.

Several times, it has been proven that taking a high fiber diet and keeping a good personal hygiene works as an effective method to remove this problem. Since people often do not have patience, they need to have themselves operated and endure the pain of going under the knife.

On a personal level you can do many things to treat this condition. You can periodically keep the affected area submerged in lukewarm water for relief from pain and itching; you can apply topical ointments made especially for hemorrhoids and even stop using sitting toilets for good effect. Help yourself by doing these things voluntarily and get relieved of the pain which bothers you.

These topical creams that are used on hemorrhoids contains lydocaine, which removes the pain. However, along with lessening the pain, they will also help you shrink the thrombosis by degrees and abolishing it after a point of time.

There are various methods which may be used, when speaking of surgery. To keep the condition from coming back, the most recommended method is getting on a good diet and hygiene. You have to remember that when you opt for surgery, it does not mean that you get away with treatment in an instant. In reality, longer period of time is needed for an excellent thrombosis operation to succeed, when compared to an ordinary operation for removal.

However, most of the instant hemorrhoid removals we hear of are not really good and is not always very effective. This is mainly because it has been discovered that the condition recurs after the surgery is done and the wound has healed. Generally, surgery done at a later time will have lesser chances for getting cured as compared to one that is done as the symptoms are just starting.

During the surgery, a surgeon may slice the blood vessels and remove the clot which causes the problem. But for me there is nothing better than healthy food and good exercise that will keep thrombosed hemorrhoids away.

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