When Should I Have Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Knowing more about the causes and treatments for hemorroids including surgery options can give you peace of mind and comfort.

A huge section of the population suffers from hemorrhoids and the condition can be anything from mild to severe. Since the disease comes with a bitter pain, when the condition is serious, it can become more than a bit desperate. Though there are many medications available to cure the symptoms, but it can take a long time to give relief and sometimes at the end there may be no cure at all. In such conditions when the pain becomes too much to tolerate, many prefer Hemorrhoids surgery.

But Hemorrhoids surgery should always be the last resort because it comes with many complications. Hemorrhoids surgery should be opted for only when all medicines and even home remedies have failed.

At one time however surgery was the only option available because other medical treatments were not there. But those days are now a thing of the past with effective medicines available these days. However if they do not seem to work or the Hemorrhoids tend to come back, there is no other option really but to opt for surgery. But it should be the last resort.

So if surgery is what is needed, here are the various options!

Rubber Band Ligation

HEMORRHOID RUBBER BAND LIGATION ~ Hemmorhoid SurgerySimple and uncomplicated, this is therapy is meant for those who have in internal hemorrhoids. Using a small rubber band, blood flow to the hemorrhoid is severed causing the hemorrhoid to become dry. If the patient has more than one hemorrhoid, each one is taken up one after the other. Sometimes the surgeon also uses a medicine to reduce the size of the hemorrhoids.

Infrared Coagulations

Applied both for internal and external hemorrhoids, but only when the hemorrhoids are small. Painful but effective, laser is used to target the base of the hemorrhoids and burn it, and when it has been burned the blood flow naturally stops.

Removing The Clot

Another small surgery that is applied for those having external hemorrhoids. After numbing with an anesthetic, the blood clot in the affected area is just cut off. However the patient needs to be extra careful because since the clot is gone, the area will be sensitive.


This surgery involves freezing the hemorrhoid by removing the tissues. Liquid nitrogen is used to attain the desired results. Liquid nitrogen first burns the tissues and when they start to heal, the surface cells are removed. Cryosurgery is also much similar to Cryotherapy, but this is applied when the situation is graver and needs a deeper freezing.


Another hemorrhoids surgery option that uses laser technology. But doctors usually recommend this when the internal and external hemorrhoid is relatively bigger in size and the condition is serious. Hospitalization is necessary and the recovery time is also more. The patient also needs home rest after the hemorrhoid has been surgically removed using laser. It is advisable to avoid this as Hemorrhoidectomy can lead to complications.

Though there are many surgery options for hemorrhoids, once again, treatment using a medicine that uses natural products is always better. Seeking hemorrhoids surgery options should only be the last resort when everything has failed.

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