Pure Tea Tree Oil: Products, Jojoba And Lavender Oil

Pure Tea Tree Oil Products

Pure tea tree oil and tea tree oil products are widely sought after among most enthusiasts of natural medicine because of its great potency particularly in the discipline of aromatherapy and herbal treatment. Tea tree oil is quite strong and most varieties that are available in the market and are widely used are diluted, but it has been found to cause irritation among some people when used in a diluted form.

Pure Lavender And Jojoba Essential Oil

As with most other essential oils like pure jojoba oil or pure lavender oil, tea tree oil is also extracted from a plant source, from the leaves of the tea tree plant or Melaleuca alternifolia, which is native to Australia. Tea tree oil has a great tradition in herbal medicine and aromatherapy having been used traditionally by indigenous populations as an aromatherapy oil to treat common respiratory conditions like coughs and colds. Tea tree oil is also commonly used to treat skin conditions such as acne. Pure tea tree oil acne remedies are in fact still quite popular and have come to be used across the world.

Pure Tea Tree Oil Ringworm

Melaleuca (tea tree) twigTea tree oil has been thought to posses strong antiseptic properties. The high levels of efficacy of this plant extract can be attributed to some special qualities that it possesses. Studies of the properties of tea tree oil initially revealed high levels of antimicrobial activity. Tea tree oil has also been found to posses antifungal properties, which is why it is so popular as a remedy against fungal infections like athlete’s foot, and toenail fungus. The efficacy of the oil in this context has often been questioned, but this cannot really cast aspersions on its medicinal properties. Infections like toenail fungus are extremely resilient to treatment through external applications which may explain the limited effect of such a treatment. Pure tea tree oil ringworm remedies are however quite popular among many naturalists and believed to be quite effective.

Some research also indicates topical anti-viral activity in tea tree oil especially when dealing with cold sores and chicken pox among others. Another widely accepted use of tea tree oil has been in the treatment of scabies infestations. According to one study 5% tea tree oil solution proved to be of higher effectiveness as compared to some conventional medications.

There are some precautions that you need to follow when using tea tree oil however. Keep in mind that tea tree oil can cause skin reactions in some people, particularly in its diluted form. In addition certain conditions are not easily treated with this solution and attempting to use such methods could only prolong the condition, making it a lot more persistent.

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