Practising Yoga Give Tremendous Advantage To Pregnant Women

Are Any Yoga Exercises Off Limits When You Are In Your First Trimester

The first trimester is the most critical stage of pregnancy. This is a period when your body is undergoing many changes. Before you attempt Yoga during pregnancy, it is very important that you keep in mind one of the fundamentals of Yoga – to recognize the signals from within your body. You need to understand the cues, which your body is trying to signal from within.

One of the most common problems in the first trimester is morning sickness. It is an indication by your body to relax and not to overstress yourself. If you are already practicing Yoga, this is the best sign to stop Yoga for a few days and give your body adequate rest. For pregnant women, it is best to start with mild exercises and practice poses, which do not exert their body.

During pregnancy it is best to avoid exercises that apply any pressure on your back and abdomen. Exerting pressure on the abdomen may result in harming the uterus. Besides this, getting into any pose involving the back can affect the blood circulation to the uterus. If you do practice the standing poses, please make sure you use the support of an object preferable a wall. This will help to balance your body. Practice deep breathing as this is the key to calming the body and lowering stress levels.

One of the most preferred poses for the first trimester would be the Half Butterfly Pose. It is an easy pose, which helps relax the joints of the hips and knees. Place a mat on the floor and extend your legs. Now pull your right leg and try to put your right foot as far as possible on the left thigh. Be comfortable and do not rush into this pose. Put your right hand on the folded right knee. Grip the toes of your right foot, inhale and pull the right knee up towards your upper body. Now exhale, and press the knee, and try to feel the floor. Make sure to maintain a proper balance. Now repeat the pose with the left leg. Practice this position 10 times before resting.

Another Yoga pose which can be beneficial for you is the Full Butterfly Pose. It is an extension of the half butterfly pose. Start this pose by sitting on the floor and straightening your legs. Now draw the knees and bend them, also make sure that you bring the feet close together. Loosen your thighs. Clutch your feet by clasping your hands together and pull your knees and then bring them down slowly. Place your elbows as support to push the legs downwards. Practice this pose for at least 10 counts, and then extend your legs and take a break.

Although there are a few precautions to take in Yoga during the first trimester however it’s nothing compared to the benefits of practicing Yoga. There are tremendous advantages of Yoga for pregnant women.

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