Options to Avoid Hemorrhoid Surgery

People from around the world, especially in large cosmopolitan cities have been suffering from hemorrhoids or some other form. Hemorrhoids or commonly known as piles is a disorder of the lower digestive tract where the connection of the veins of the rectum and anus to enlarge and swell, forming a cushion of tissues often results in a mass. Formation of hemorrhoids is always associated with itching and irritation, pain and swelling of the anal opening. Severe cases also show small or profuse bleeding can be embarrassing when people are away from home or in public place. The disorder is caused largely by the balanced lifestyle and dietary habits. People has been focusing more on their goals and achievements in life to pay less or no attention to their health and personal hygiene.

You can meet people who have had sleepless nights because of stress in the workplace, mainly induced by the highly competitive environment. This can lead to high blood pressure increases the itching and irritation at the site haemorrhoids. Constant itching and irritation mostly ends in small or profuse bleeding. Thus, all problems are interlinked with each other and cause the other happen.

There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal and external. External hemorrhoids are less serious are simple diagnose in its early stages, as pain, itching and irritating its inception. External hemorrhoids are located in the periphery of the anal opening and may cover it completely. This is not the case of internal ones. They are hard to diagnose because they are inside the anal opening, where there are no pain receptors. The person who is suffering the same may not know that he is suffering from internal hemorrhoids until you see the stool that can be covered with bloodstains. You know that if you are a hemorrhoid sufferer, finding a medical cure for the condition is not an simple feat to conquer, because no matter what you do, the pesky things just keep coming back, like they are your best friends.

You might have noticed that there are a lot of over the counter products that offer hemorrhoid relief. Do not confuse relief with a hemorrhoid cure when it comes to pain, itching, swelling and bleeding. There are no products available that will cure this ailment once and for all. The products available only offer temporary relief so that you can handle the situation more comfortably. There is nothing in the creams, the ointments, salves, pills or suppositories that will cure the medical condition. They only place a band aid over the symptoms so that you can have some comfort.

Fact Behind the Hemorrhoid Surgery

Laser surgery or banding; these remedies, though they remove the hemorrhoid, it is not written in stone that these procedures are a cure, or that your hemorrhoid condition will be gone for excellent. No doctor will guarantee you that this kind of relief is a permanent hemorrhoid solution; not unless he or she is a quack, because even after putting yourself through the agony of hemorrhoid surgery, the pesky things could come back, and with a vengeance. What a waste of time, money and unnecessary agony for something that could be a temporary solution. It is like you are nearly playing Russian roulette with yourself.

Use Herbs to Shrink Hemorrhoids

Out of all the medications or treatments that one could sue, the far best temporary reliefs that one should consider are organic solutions, herbal solutions or remedies that have no harsh ingredients that could harm skin tissue while it is bringing temporary relief to a problem that is not going to disappear for excellent.

It is better to use medications that are free of side effects and free of harmful ingredients, especially when those ingredients can worsen the condition, or cause something else to flare-up under your nose.

Herbal medicine in capsules powder herb - Hemmorhoids Cure

Medications, surgery or banding gives temporary relief to a condition that needs more than these kinds of procedures if you want a permanent fix for the problem. That permanent fix, or that cure is not going to take place until you change your diet. After all, what you place into your body has to come out in one way or the other.

The foods that you eat, the ones that may taste excellent, but causes constipation and straining, are not the solution or the cure for hemorrhoid sufferers; regardless of how minor or severe your hemorrhoid condition may be.


To get rid of hemorrhoids, where you will have no need for temporary relief treatments is and will start when you change your eating habits; because after all, it is your digestive system that has strings attached to your elimination system, rather you have a hemorrhoid condition or not.

The only time that hemorrhoids are a temporary situation and will go away on their own is if you suddenly obtained them after giving birth. Pregnancy makes hemorrhoids a temporary situation, and in this case; organic or herbal relief solutions would be in your best interest.

Many companies have claimed to cure piles completely through its products and programs for patients. Most of these companies do not they can not fulfill its promise because its products are authentic and lack the herbal ingredients. While the selection of an internal hemorrhoid cream is must consider several factors. First, a physician should be consulted, second mark of the company must have a excellent reputation and the company must have its own laboratory.

If you have hemorrhoids and you have had the condition on and off for years; then you should already know that the products that you are using, just cover-up the condition; you have to do more if you want a cure and not just a temporary hemorrhoid relief.

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