Neroli Essential Oil: Essential Oils That Creates A Relieving And Relaxing Effect

Neroli Oil – How Neroli Oil helps in Aromatherapy? Why it is unsuitable for an essence burner?

Neroli oil is oil that is extracted from the flowers or blossom of the bitter orange tree. Its botanical name is Citrus aurantium var. amara or Bigaradia. It has a sweet, flowery, spicy, and distinctively refreshing fragrance which is much like the scent of the bergamot oil. The blossoms for obtaining neroli oil are picked by hand as they are too sensitive to be gathered by machinery. The picking time is from late April to early May. Neroli oil is obtained by water distillation of the blossoms.

Advantages of using Neroli oil

Some of the advantages of using Neroli oil are :

  • It has a pleasant non-irritating smell.
  • Its sweet fragrance is very appealing and widely used in the perfume industry.
  • It has no toxic side effects.
  • Neroli is used to reduce high blood pressure.
  • The oil is non-sensitizing and non phototoxic.
  • Neroli can be mixed with many floral absolutes and any citrus oil for the production of natural medicines.
  • It is edible and used as a flavoring agent in colas and other beverages.
  • It can be used for relieving tension and anxiety.

neroli essential oil in the brown glass bottleHow does Neroli Oil help in Aromatherapy?

Neroli oil is one of the important essential oils that are used in aromatherapy. It is used to relieve body pain and muscle fatigue. The essential oil of neroli also creates a relieving and relaxing effect on the nervous system, thus soothing the brain and releasing tensions. It is helpful in solving anxiety related problems. Neroli can also be mixed with almond oil or wheat germ oil in addition to extracts from the grapefruit seed to increase blood circulation to the veins of the body and helps in healing thread vein scars. A chest and forehead message with a mixture of neroli oil with melissa and lavender is used to cure insomnia.

Why it is unsuitable for an essence burner?

Not all the essential oils are suitable for burning in an essence burner due to their composition and chemical properties. Neroli oil is one of these examples. It should not be used in an essence burner as it can react with the material from which the essence burner is made. Moreover, on burning, it creates fumes that are harmful for patients having breathing disorders. So, it is advised to avoid burning Neroli oil in an essence burner. Neroli oil should also be used in small quantity for pregnant women and underage children as it may have some harmful side effects on them.

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