Need Some Natural Cures For Your External Hemorrhoids? Try These Remedies

If you have external hemorrhoids, then you already know how painful, uncomfortable and especially embarrassing they can be. There are ways you can treat them at home though, and these remedies are all natural.

Many external hemorrhoid remedies can be bought right at your local supermarket or drug store. As always, you need to be careful when using any remedies that you plan on doing on your own. There are many natural products out there that can help you relieve the itching and burning that comes with hemorrhoids which include aloe gel, petroleum jelly, lavender & rosemary oils, rosemary used in an almond base, and witch hazel.

Some very simple remedies you can try at home

Some good products to use that can shrink the hemorrhoids are collinsonia root powder, horse chestnut, and butcher’s broom. (Please follow any instructions carefully that are on the bottles.) You can also treat the hemorrhoids (and their symptoms) by mixing water with your choice of herbs such as goldenseal, slippery elm bark, alumroot, mullein or powdered myrrh. Combine the herbs and water in a 50/50 portion to make a paste which can be applied to the hemorrhoids and left on for at least an hour.

If you prefer not to apply any cream right on the hemorrhoids themselves, then you can also opt to have drinks instead that can help you get some relief. It might sound silly, but mix some black mustard with yogurt and follow it up with a nice glass of buttermilk. Another buttermilk drink is to add rock salt, ginger and peppercorns. All of this might not sound to enticing, but there’s also another option of boiling pomegranate peels and drinking a glass of that every morning and evening.

Something else you can do is to avoid any foods and drinks that might actually make the hemorrhoids get worse. Some examples of these include spices, lots of salt, soda, beer, coffee, pickles (any sour foods), and even some meats. Just by staying away from these helps ensure hemorrhoids won’t return, or start up again.

What helps hemorrhoids swollen after a bath seat is place an ice pack on the affected area for 10 minutes and then a hot compress for 20 minutes, repeated as necessary. Whenever have went the bowels are sure to clean the area with baby wipes. Topical ointments or cloth with witch hazel as the active ingredient helps bring the swelling. It is vital not to scratch any itch and if itching persists after hydrocortisone cream may be more beneficial. Do not use a donut seat this will bring too much pressure and cutting the major blood supply. If hemorrhoids occur frequently – the surgery may be in order.

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