Natural Cures for External Hemorrhoids

When a person experiences external hemorrhoids, there main concern is what they can do to treat the problem. This condition can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, the hemorrhoids are itchy, painful and often times they may also bleed. They are usually formed by swollen veins near the anus.

There are some causes of External Hemorrhoids; you will need to know in order to learn how to treat the condition. First you may have week or swollen veins that may have come from either pregnancy or being overweight. Women tend to experience external hemorrhoids more often due to increased blood flow to the anal area during their pregnancies, and are more likely to get them again with each new pregnancy.

Some people may get external hemorrhoids because they have trouble passing stools (constipation) or they have explosive stools (diarrhea). It may come from sitting or standing for a long period of time and from lifting weights, both of which causes strain on their anus.

While there are many different temporary fixes for external hemorrhoids, there are only a few real cures. You can have surgery by a physician but that can be extremely painful and may have some serious side effects. However, you are able to rid yourself of hemorrhoids using natural treatment. There are many great herbal remedies that will help to cure you off the problem quickly.

Natural Treatment (herbal) for External Hemorrhoid

  • You can use aloe Vera as your external hemorrhoid treatment as it eases swelling and helps you take away the pain of this condition.
  • Sitz Baths: This is quite possibly the easiest temporary possibly the easiest temporary relief for external hemorrhoids. You simply run a quarter of a tub of water, which is very warm and sit back in it to relax about 15 minutes. For this treatment to be effective, you will need to repeat it 3 or 4 times a day.
  • A very old natural external hemorrhoid treatment handed down for generations is Witch Hazel; it is great for taking away swelling and helps to stop bleeding. You will need to apply it at least 3 times a day.
  • Emu oil is another temporary pain reliever that allows you to get rid of the hemorrhoid pain.

If you use the different natural treatments you will feel better and if you change your diet to a fiber diet, a combination of the two will help to cure you of external hemorrhoids.

For a person who has used every possible form of treatment, and surgery is not an option then the best thing they can do for this problem is to seek out one of the many natural cures that are available on the market today. When these hemorrhoid problems have you at your wits end looking for a solution diet and natural products are the best way to cure the external hemorrhoids that you may have

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