If you are, or know somebody who is, one of the long-sufferers of hemorrhoids, here’s what you should know. They can be removed. How? Through a surgical operation called hemorrhoidectomy.

What is hemorrhoidectomy?

Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical operation done to remove the hemorrhoids. You will be given anesthesia so that you won’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. Most of the time, doctors give either spinal or general anesthesia. It is a short procedure that does not require you to stay overnight in the hospital. Usually, doctors do it even in their clinics.

How it is done?

The procedure is actually very simple. The time it takes to complete it always depends on the patient – such as how large the hemorrhoid is and how fatty the tissues surrounding it are.

The surgical procedure is actually very simple. Right after the moment the anesthesia starts to take effects, the doctor will make incisions or cuts around the swollen area. The swollen vein will then be tied off to stop it from bleeding and then be cut off. The cut off portion will then be removed and the whole area that was incised will be closed. After this, the doctor will put bandages so as to protect your wound from contamination.

Doctors have the choice of making use of three different tools to make the incision. He can choose the knife or scalpel, the laser, or the cautery pencil.

What you should do before the operation?

Before the operation, you must discuss everything concerning it with the doctor who will perform it. Never forget to tell them which medications you are currently taking. Some of them might be or might have a side effect of blood clot prevention. This could be dangerous since it could cause you to bleed.

Another thing that you should tell your doctor is your allergies. Discuss with him what you are allergic to. With this information, the doctor will be able to prevent complications from happening by not using the products that you are hypersensitive to. You may think that hypersensitive or allergic reactions are simple but they are not. These can actually be manifested as anything from simple skin rashes to complicated difficulties in breathing which can be quite deadly.

What you should do after the operation?

Usually, after the procedure is done, the doctor will give you the choice of staying in the hospital overnight or going home right after the anesthesia wears off.

After the operation, you can expect the wound to heal in two to three weeks, there tends not to be any hemorrhoidectomy complication after an operation. During this time, you are advised by the doctor to take medication. One of these is for pain, since you can expect to feel it once the anesthesia wears off. Another medication is antibiotics. This is to prevent you from having any infection.

There are a number of other things that you can do. For one, you can make use of ice pack application to help relieve the pain and the swelling. Daily cleansing and drying of the wound area is a must to prevent infection from setting in as well as to promote faster healing.

Hemorrhoidectomy is a procedure that can get rid of hemorrhoids. It is short and simple and poses minimal risks, making it one of the very common treatments for piles. There is every possibility that you should go on a special diet post hemorrhoidectomy surgery. This will help your bowel movements after hemorrhoidectomy surgery.

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