Ginger Oil: Benefits of Essential Ginger Oil In Aromatherapy

Which are the healing effects of ginger oil in aromatherapy?

Ginger essential oil is a wonderful remedy and a common treatment for digestive disorders as well as for morning sickness. It is also useful for treating common colds and is known to be a traditional remedy in treating certain lung conditions known as catarrhal fever. Ginger oil has been used as a medicine since ancient times and has found mention in many literatures of the past. Oriental medicine uses ginger oil to treat stomach disorders, diarrhea and nausea while also using it as method of treatment to deal with mucus and phlegm. Ginger oil is a popular treatment as it does not contain any known toxic agent or irritant however the oil must not be used in large quantities or in high concentrations as it could cause sensitization and adverse reactions on the skin.

Ginger and Ginger OilSome of the popular uses of ginger oil include its use in treating fractures, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, bruising, staphylococcal infection, vomiting, hangovers, travel and motion sickness, colds and flu, pulmonary congestion, respiratory illness, sinusitis, infections on the skin, pharyngitis, colic, muscle spasm, chills and fever. There are many ways to use ginger oil as a remedy. Some of them include using the oil in a burner or vaporizer to help relieve chest congestion and nausea, blending the oil with the carrier oil for a massage or diluted in a bath, blending it in a base cream to be used as the topical application for muscle strain, rheumatism, poor blood circulation and arthritis, using it as a hot compress for digestive disorders, inhaling a drop of the oil from a handkerchief for quick relieve from morning sickness, indigestion and travel sickness. A few drops of ginger oil can also be added to warm water in order to treat stomach upsets. A couple of drops can also be applied on the temples and stomach to relieve travel sickness. In aromatherapy ginger oil can be added to a diffuser to enhance energy in a room.

Ginger oils have had a long history of healing especially for its warming and stimulating characteristics. Some therapists also use ginger oil in combination with other essential oils to reach the target organs and for faster assimilation. In aromatherapy ginger oil is widely respected for its flatus-relieving, stimulating, rubefacient, gastric, antiseptic, general tonic, antipyretic and pain killing properties. Ginger oil is also noted as aphrodisiac, as folklore suggests that women would thread ginger root or apply the oil on the belts of their mates to escalate sexual potency.

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