Aromatherapy Diffuser : Know Different Diffusers In Essential Oils And Benefits

What is Aromatherapy Diffusers in essential oils? What are its benefits?

Diffusers are devices that can be help to spread an aroma. Actually, diffusion is a process in which the molecules of any smell, scent, or fragrance travel through air, from one place to another. The essential oils are the botanical oils that are extracted from plants, trees, fruits, grass, and seeds, and have some medicinal value. These are used in aromatherapy as they have a natural aroma or fragrance.

Uses of different diffusers in essential oils

Electric wooden aroma oil diffuser isolated

  • If a few drops of an essential oil are placed on a piece of cloth or tissue paper, it acts as a diffuser and soon the fragrance can be experienced in a limited area throughout the room.
  • Boiling water can be used as a diffuser if a few drops of essential oil are added to it. Its fragrance can be felt in the whole house, but is short lived and soon dissipates.
  • If a small amount of essential oil is placed on a candle and then it is lighted, it will also work as a diffuser for the scent.
  • There are lamp rings made of terra-cotta whose grooved lip-like structure holds the essential oils. These are then placed on light bulbs. When the bulb is lit, heat is provided to the oil and so the scent from it is diffused throughout the room.
  • Clay pot diffusers made of terra-cotta, are also very common as they are inexpensive. The essential oils are placed in clay pot and are corked. There is an opening through which the scent diffuses in the room. But the smell is strong as soon as oil is added to the clay pot but diminishes after a little while.
  • Candle diffusers made of ceramic or metal, contain a tray or small bowl in which the essential oil is put and a candle is placed on it. When the candle burns, it heats the oil beneath and the scent is diffused through the room. But candle diffusers are not very common as the fragrance diffused by them is very light and in limited area.
  • Cold air nebulizers are very frequently used as diffuser for essential oils.

Benefits of aromatherapy diffusers

The benefits obtained from aromatherapy diffusers in essential oils are as follows:

  • Aromatherapy candles provide a light fragrance which is not very sharp and thus helps in relieving stress, depression, and tension.
  • Aromatherapy helps in relaxing mind and body.
  • Diffusers help in getting rid of the cooking and tobacco smell from your home by spreading the essential oils’ fragrance.
  • Diffusers placed in the kitchen stop the smell of cooking food from escaping out of the room.
  • By using boiling water and tissue paper, or cloth diffusers, the smell is quickly diffused, albeit in a limited area.
  • Candle, clay pots, and lamp rings diffusers are in great demand because they are inexpensive.

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