Aromatherapy Benefits : Bath Oils, Massage Oils, Carrier Oils

Getting The Most Out of Aromatherapy Oil

In order to get the most out of aromatherapy oils and obtain best results, it would be a good habit to blend the use of various essential oils that are compatible with one another. Furthermore, applying them through different ways will also help in optimizing their effect. Aromatherapy oils can be used during a bath, along with bath salts, in combination with bath gels, or bath liquids. An aromatherapy massage prior to a bath with the help of carrier oils like essential oils of jojoba, and lavender, applied to the pressure points such as the wrists, neck, and temples also helps in diffusing the benefits of the oils to the senses. Most people who opt for aromatherapy as a form of treatment usually complain that they do not get the desired result. This is because in most cases, the oils are not applied in the right manner and perhaps the wrong kinds of oils are being used for treating the ailment.

home spa supplies in home bathroom for relaxing ritualsThus most people are of the opinion that aromatherapy does not work. By using the right combination of essential oils with the right techniques, people are sure to benefit through the calming effects of aromatherapy for stress and other mental conditions such as anxiety. Essential oils must be used in aromatherapy and not fragrance oils. Care must be taken to ensure that when you look for aromatherapy oils choose good quality essential oils and not just artificially enhanced fragrant oils. Essential oils for aromatherapy must be bottled and kept in a dark place without sunlight in tightly shut glass containers. Light tends to destroy the aroma and bouquet of the essential oils.

A common method used by aroma-therapists is the use of a diffuser to dispense the fragrance into the aura around an individual’s presence. Aroma- therapists also recommend adding a few drops of the essential oils in warm water during a bath as the heat of the water and the steam ensures that the fragrances spread around you.

One can also wear essential oils by swabbing a couple of drops on the specific pressure points such behind the ears or on the wrists. To keep the lingering essence of the essential oils throughout the day, blend a couple of drops of the essential oils in a body lotion and apply it as you would normally do, on your arms and legs for an all-day pleasant effect.

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