Aromatherapy Bath Salts: Know Dead Sea Salts And Other Treatments

How does Aromatherapy Bath Salts Help to Relax and Revive You?

A combination of aromatherapy bath salts, warm water, and essential oils is believed to reduce anxiety, improve blood circulation, avoid bruising and minor scars and alleviate pains in the muscles and joints. It is also useful in offering relief from certain from skin ailments such as chronic eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin conditions. Aromatherapy bath salts are also useful in easing sleep disorders.

A number of spas and luxury resorts offer aromatherapy sessions that make the use of bath salts as a cleansing treatment and for rejuvenating the body. Aromatherapy bath salts help in calming the mind, and detoxifying the body. Some experts are of the opinion that Dead Sea aromatherapy bath salts contain therapeutic values and healing properties than regular bath salts. Dead Sea salts are used the world over in most well-known and renowned spas and clinics to reduce the discomfort caused by psoriasis and degenerative arthritis. An increasing number of studies also show the relation between the use of aromatherapy Dead Sea bath salts in easing itchy skin conditions associated with skin scaling and inflammation.

Aromatherapy with lavender flowers and aromatic scented purple bath saltMost luxury clinics and spas offer aromatherapy bath salts treatment due to the many obvious benefits that the treatment holds; moreover aromatherapy is not known to have produced any known side-effects. However, a note of caution: Even though there are no documented fallouts in using aromatherapy bath salts, it is always better to consult with your doctor or dermatologist to make sure that aromatherapy bath salts may not cause any interaction with any skin treatments that you may be undergoing.

In order to experience the benefits, one does not have to go outside the home to a luxury spa or a clinic but can experience them at home with the help of a few simple ingredients. Carve out a niche in your home, preferably in your bathroom where you can relax at leisure. Slot an hour or so in your busy schedule to create some time for an aromatherapy session at home. Gather up some aromatherapy candles of your choice, aromatherapy bath salts, soft towels and a bathrobe, a bottle of drinking water, soothing body lotion, and perhaps some music to calm you and help you enjoy your very own aromatherapy session. Pour the aromatherapy bath salts in the bath water and light the aromatherapy candles at a distance. Switch off the lights, plug in the music and step into the bath.

The soothing music and the fragrance of the aromatherapy candles help in building a comforting and soothing ambience. Relax in the bath water for as long as you deem necessary, taking a few sips of the drinking water when needed. After you emerge from the bath, towel yourself briskly and apply the body lotion to prevent drying of the skin.

This simple aromatherapy session at home will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed and also help you enjoy a blissful night’s sleep.

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