Aromatherapy Bath: Essential Bath Oils And Benefits

What is aromatherapy bath? How to do it?

Aromatherapy bath is about using essential oils and bath salts in your bath water and also using aromatic soaps and body products for an overall effect. A warm, relaxing bath with exotic essential oils can be the right way of unwinding and chilling out after a long day at work. It is a good time to ponder, think and meditate.

Essential oils in your bath tub can actually be very energizing and soothing. It has several benefits. While your skin is bathed in warm water tempered with rich and luxurious oil, the aromatic vapors rising from the water will be absorbed in your olfactory system and lungs, will clear your mind of stress and help you focus. As your body relaxes, you will be able to sleep better.

bath and spa itemsAnd the best thing about aromatherapy bath is that is one of the simplest form of enjoying aromatherapy. All you have to do is add a few drops of essential oil in your bath tub and soak in it. You can use any oil of your preference or even mix and match oils according to what you want to achieve out of the aromatherapy session. It is believed that aromatherapy baths can clear up your nervous system, cure joint problems and relieve muscle pain. While you’re soaking in the bath tub, do make sure to draw the shower curtains to trap the aromatic vapors.

Aromatherapy bath session: To create your very own aromatherapy bath session, begin by getting together the essential oils, aromatic candles and aromatic soaps. Then take the phone off the hook, soften the lighting and fill the bath tub with warm water. Close the window and draw the shower curtain to retain the steam before pouring a few drops of fragrant essential oil in the bath tub. Mix it in gently. A few drops (3-4 or 6-7) is quite ok for an aromatherapy bath. Soak in the bath, with your neck propped up on a rolled towel. You can use one oil or a mix of a few oils. Take care not to overload the senses with too many varied fragrances.

While choosing the oils, look at the benefits of the oils and choose the oil that will help you the most. Essential oils can be grouped into three categories: therapeutic, relaxing and stimulating. You can even research for tested bath recipes, if you wish to.

To enhance the benefits and the fun, you may even light an aromatic candle or use herbal aromatherapy soaps. After your bath, you can slather on body butter or lotions with essential oils.

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