A Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment Will Cure All The Suffering

One of my passions is playing the piano, and I do play semi-professionally (meaning I do get paid). However, there is nothing worse than sitting for a few hours on a hard, wooden piano bench when you are suffering from hemorrhoids (aka hemroids, hems, piles). I suffered silently with this infliction because I was just too embarrassed to go to a doctor for a rectal exam. It’s not one of the things I wanted to rush off from work to try.

I first did what everyone probably does in this situation: I went to my local pharmacy and asked what they had to offer in the way of over-the-counter products. I was lead to the aisle for hemorrhoid products, and I picked up one of the better known products – a cream. Although I did get some symptom relief from the cream, it really did nothing for reducing or eliminating my hemorrhoids.

Back to the pharmacy, I asked for something “stronger”, and I was lead to a suppository product. Of course when you’re in that much pain or suffering from the itching and burning, at that point you’ll try just about anything. So I did – I bought and tried the suppository.

Again, I had some moderate relief from the symptoms of burning and itching, but it simply did not make my hemorrhoids go away.

After several days of suffering, I finally broke down and went to my doctor. He said I had a “thrombosed” hemorrhoid, and he said if it did not go away on its own that it would require surgery for permanent removal.

I just could not believe that such a common ailment could only be resolved by going under the knife of the surgeons. So I started my due diligence and researched this painful issue.

After many hours of searching and comparing, and yes reading some boring medical journals, I learned how I could get rid of hemroids with a 100%, natural method. Of course, with my back against the wall I thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain with the possibility of living pain free and without hemorrhoids.

I purchased this product with some hesitation because, just like the pharmacy’s over-the-counter products, there were claims of a natural cure and permanency. To my astonishment, I was not only getting pain and itch relief, but I was also experiencing a reduction in the swelling, even with my thrombosed hemorrhoid.

My treatment started with an examination of my diet, and I also discovered that I was a bit dehydrated, which was a bit of a shock to me since I drank a fair amount of bottled water. Next, I followed the treatment plan as described, and I included some of the suggestions of the plan.

Within the first three days, my hemorrhoids were nearly gone, and after following the methods described in the plan they were completely gone in another 2 days. For me, the methods were easy to follow, the adjustments I made were very easy to change from my previous behaviors, and it was totally natural. This was a great relief to me because not only did I avoid surgery, but I learned several important things about improving my overall health,

I learned quickly that the only way to get a hemorrhoid cure was to go right to the source, which in this case was to kill the causes of the hemorrhoids. I learned so much about the causes of hemorrhoids, including diet, hydration, exercise, and other causes. Now I am itch and pain free, and I resumed my passion at the piano bench with absolutely no problems. Additionally, after several months I have not had any reoccurrence of hemorrhoid symptoms. For me, this method was far and above what I expected, and I was totally blown away that I went from facing a surgery to remove a thrombosed hemorrhoid to no symptoms at all in less than one week.

Piles Treatment – How to Cure Hemorrhoids in As Short As 2 Days

Most of us that are living a working life nowadays are sitting still all day long in the office in front of the computer monitors, which is one of the very important factors that cause piles, or hemorrhoids, to grow.

Piles Treatment is one of those phrases that people are unwilling to mention, but the chances are that a pretty large part of us will have to deal with it during our already hard adult life. It would be of great significance if you master the techniques and keep good habits in order to stay away from piles in the first place or get rid of them if you are with them now. This article is intended to provide some of the fundamentals when it comes to short term as well as long term piles treatment.

Ice is not only good for bruises and injuries to slow the blood flow down so that you feel better, but also take effect for bleeding piles as a good immediate piles treatment. The working principle is the same. However, you cannot keep ice handy all the time.

Medicine that is bought over the counter in the pharmacists’ can have good short term effects, too. However, the “short term” here is different from the above mentioned “immediate”. It might take effect in hours and last for days or weeks.

You will never be satisfied with immediate and short term results. Long term is exactly what you are looking for as far as piles treatment is concerned. Just like doing everything long term in our lives, habits are always the factors that contribute to it.

Including fiber rich foods in your daily diets and more water in your drinking would do good for stopping constipation which is the major reason for hemorrhoids.

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